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We are very proud to announce our latest commission, the artist and current holder of the Turner Prize Lubaina Himid.  

As our project begins to shift focus from news events and current affairs to the news media itself, Lubaina will be spending one week as an artist in residence at The Guardian headquarters in London.  

She will have free, unfettered access to observe editorial meetings at the highest level, newsrooms, production processes and all aspects of the production of that newspaper. Lubaina will then produce a work of art in direct response to this unprecedented, immersive exploration, which will be exhibited in Liverpool and in The Guardian HQ.  

We are especially grateful to The Guardian for their spirit of openness, zeal for social/artistic inquiry and the warm welcome they have offered to Lubaina and the RRU project to a fascinating end.   

In the coming months, we hope other news outlets might replicate the openness, robustness and good will expressed by The Guardian team, as part of this unique experiment in fusing artists with news, to see what can be learned by all.

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Turner Prize Holder Lubaina Himid - 'Artist in Residence' at The Guardian Headquarters

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