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Cullen, who most famously created the ‘Pocket Money Loans’ installation at Banksy’s Dismaland in 2015, has recently attracted the attention of Shell Oil’s corporate lawyers for his ‘Hell’ artworks subverting their logo to highlight environmental abuses. 

His first action as Rapid Response correspondent has been to produce a detailed, satirical advertising rate card package that parodies The Sun newspaper. He then sent it directly to that newspaper’s current top 150 advertisers.

Cullen explains that this first satirical intervention is …. 

making a link between the business model of the tabloids, which is advertising based and the conflict of interest in their reporting on terrorism 

Visit thatsun.co.uk to see Darrens rate card.

RRU commissioned DC to respond artistically to any element of news & current affairs. Stay tuned for further interventions…


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Darren Cullen Created The Suns Parody Rate Card

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Darren Cullen

Introducing our RRU artist in residence Darren Cullen (Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives), the creator of 'payday loan shop for kids', which featured at Banksy's Dismaland. Read article
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