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In his final and third intervention as a commissioned artist for RRU News, Darren Cullen has painstakingly hand drawn a fun sized version of the UK’s second biggest selling paper, the Daily Mail.  As he explains:

“This is a boiled-down version of the full paper, it’s like the Daily Mail, but distilled to its angry, horny core. Containing all the misogynistic, racist, war-and-fear-mongering you’ve come to love and expect from the Daily Mail, this miniature fun/hate-sized paper will be given away for free on the streets of Liverpool from a scale-version newspaper stand unfortunately manned by my regular-sized self.”

Cullen’s political art work was given away for free in Liverpool just at the same time that the British Museum opened it exhibition of dissenting art ‘I Object’ curated by Ian Hislop (6 Sept) and ahead of the Global Design Forum: Graphics, Politics and Protest  at the V & A (16 Sept) where former RRU correspondent artist Patrick Thomas will explore the relationship between design and politics with Anthony Burrill.

Cullen, who most famously created the ‘Pocket Money Loans’ installation at Banksy’s Dismaland in 2015, has recently attracted the attention of Shell Oil’s corporate lawyers for his ‘Hell’ artworks subverting their logo to highlight environmental abuses.

His first action as Rapid Response correspondent was to produce a detailed, satirical advertising rate card package that parodied The Sun newspaper. He sent it directly to The Sun’s top 150 advertisers.

His second intervention was to produce stickers that highlighted the Daily Mail’s ownership of the Metro free newspaper.

Photo credits – Clare Brumby

Contribute to Darren’s Kickstarter campaign and get your hands on a copy… https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1767571325/a-horrid-little-newspaper-satirical-scale-model-da?ref=project_link

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